+9.600 neumáticos diferentes; +500.000 productos disponibles!!!!.
+9.600 neumáticos diferentes; +500.000 productos disponibles!!!!.


  • KIA - BONGO - 2.5 TDCI RD TRAS - 2008
  • KIA - BONGO - 2.5 TDCI RD TRAS - 2009
  • KIA - BONGO - 2.5 TDCI RD TRAS - 2010
  • KIA - BONGO - 2.5 TDCI RD TRAS - 2011
  • KIA - BONGO - 2.5 TDCI RD TRAS - 2012
  • KIA - BONGO - 2.5 TDCI RD TRAS - 2013
  • KIA - BONGO - 2.5 TDCI RD TRAS - 2014
  • KIA - BONGO - 2.5 TDCI RD TRAS - 2015

HANKOOK RADIAL DU01 - 5.00R12 - 83/81P 

Radial tire with improved traction for commercial vehicles.


  • Periodically check the inflation pressure of your tires and respect the values ​​indicated by the vehicle manufacturer.
  • The maximum load per tire indicated in the table below is reached with the maximum pressure indicated in tires side.
  • The maximum inflation pressure should never exceed that set by the manufacturer.


We have more than 1,500 independent installers and recommended Tire Dealers (Delivery Points) throughout the country and probably one that is probably around the corner. Search for the available ones according to your geographical location and select it when confirming the purchase. Buy now! and choose the best tire shop near me, according to technical equipment, convenience room and customers reviews.


On our site you will be able to find

  • Find out all the tires models sold in your country. Choose the best tire for your vehicle. Compare tire models and our competitive prices. Check out customer´s reviews worldwide. Buy now and start saving choosing the best tire!
  • Ask for seasonal prices in Kits of 2 tires, Combos of 4 or even wheel and tire packages. Search our tire rack. Best way to buy tires online.
  • We also offer packages that include Alignment and Balancing, in any of our Independent Installers and / or recommended Tire Dealers. Remember that a correct tire fit guarantees the adequate treadware and product lifetime; the proper functioning of your vehicle; and above all, the life of its passangers! In addition, an expert installer immediately detects if there are any other faults that should be fixed before hitting the road. All these preventive work protects the life of your family when driving and improves your track record with your car insurance coverage. Working with specialized and professional experts saves a lot of trouble and money! Choose your nearest tire shop to your home, directly from your pc, mobile or tablet! Keep peace of mind, buy tires online!.
  • Leave us your data when registering so we can notify you of the OFFERS, DISCOUNTS, CLEARANCES, HOT SALE, CYBER MONDAY or BLACK FRIDAY.


  • WARRANTY: All our marketed products are completely new and therefore have the Original Manufacturer's Warranty. Usually the Warranty is 5 years, from the purchising date. That is why it is important to keep the invoice in a safe place together with the other vehicles documents.
  • INSURANCE: It is a good idea that to have good insurance coverage. Achieving an adequate minimization of risks makes it possible to live with greater peace of mind. Get instant insurance quote online. In addition and depending on the geographical area in which you are, we offer insurance against tire breakage and punctures. Remember that some auto insurance policies include coverage for theft of tires, and therefore the Insurance Company should cover all replacement costs. Finding a good insurance advisor also allows you not to double costs of insurance coverage if those same events are included in an existing one. This requires specific professional and technical knowledge to analyze the scope of each insurance contract. Thats why we recommend working with a sole insurance agent. Find out the ideal insurance for your vehicle, property, company or commercial activity, which includes, Health insurance, Automobile insurance, Travel Insurance, Pet Insurance, Home insurance, Electronics Insurance,  Civil Liability, Fire insurance, Robbery insurance, Life insurance, Farmer insurance, All Risk included, Frost and Hail insurance, etc. 
  • FINANCE: In many purchasing decisions, the value of the good to be acquired has a greater weight. But what really needs to be analyzed deeply in the automotive world, is the cost per kilometer. We have seen some customers buying tires out of range (load index and speed), or old/used tires because they seem to be cheaper. This is a very common mistake, which pays off in the long run, because tires wear out faster (best case scenario) and therefore have to be replaced sooner or they can explode risking your family lifes (worst case scenario). We have also seen people buying "bargain" tires that are not suitable for normal use. Example: snow tires in regions with very low meteorological probability. This prematurely wears out the tire when working under inappropriate temperature ranges or conditions. Note that if a wrong decision making when buying tires, it may happen in a traffic accident that the insurance coverage claim may not be available!!!. Conclusion: sometimes what seems to be cheap ends up being expensive.
  • PAYMENTS: Once the ideal set of tires has been chosen, considering the cost per kilometer, what remains is to define the means and the form of payment. At this point you can always opt for cash payments, credit cards, bank transfers and / or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Ethereum, Lite Coin, Binance, Stellar. Any of these options will be available according to the country, the market and the season of the year. Check online financing and payment options and available cryptocurrency exchange .
  • DECISION GUIDE: Our recommendations in choosing the ideal set of tires or spare parts for your vehicle, is based on metrics, big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, combining large amounts of data provided by our customers and specialized workshops using all available technology (wireless, bluetooth, mobile apps, RFID, etc). All this data is processed in our distributed computing centers in determining the real cost per km.






vs Sept 2023

WARRANTY 5 years


In2tires offers Hankook Ventus performance, Optimo touring tires and Dynapro light truck tires, along with several other tire lines used as Original Equipment on new vehicles.

Proud of its 70-year history and the distinction of being Korea's first tire company, Hankook Tire is actively embracing the global stage through constant technological development and a commitment to innovation. Hankook Tire's goal is to provide sustainable solutions that deliver driving satisfaction to its customers.

Hankook participates in Europe's DTM championship, one of the world's most popular touring car series. In the United States, Hankook participates in amateur and professional (Formula D) motorsports where its Ventus R-S3 tires earned the 2014 Formula Drift Pro Series Championship.

Hankook Tire was founded in South Korea in 1941 as the Chosun Tire Company. The company name was changed in 1953 to Hankook Tire.

In addition to the tires for cars, crossovers, sport utility vehicles and light trucks available through In2tires, Hankook also produces a range of tires for competition vehicles and commercial trucks.

Which Hankook tires are available for my vehicle?


Extreme Performance Summer

Max Performance Summer

Ultra High Performance Summer

Ultra High Performance All-Season

High Performance All-Season

High Performance Summer

Performance All-Season

Standard Touring All-Season

Racetrack & Autocross Only

  • Ventus Z214

Temporary/Compact Spare

  • S300
Winter Tires


Street/Sport Truck Summer

  • Ventus S1 evo2 SUV
  • Ventus S1 evo3 SUV
  • Ventus S1 evo3 SUV HRS

Street/Sport Truck All-Season

Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season

Highway All-Season

On-/Off-Road All-Terrain

Off-Road Maximum Traction

Winter Tires

vs Ago 2021

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  • 0%
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  • Product Size: 5.00R12
  • Load Index 83/81
  • SKU Code: 83/81P
  • Made in: Japan Japan
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Types & Characteristics (ALL-LT): 

    Black Light Truck Icon      

  • US$1.097,28

  • Ex Tax: US$906,84

Garantee - Genuine - New:

Manufacturers Warranty  New Product Original Product

Estimated Shipping:

  Estimated Shipping


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